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IntuitionYour Intuition is Your Gift in Life

Elizabeth Candlish

Your Intuition is Your Gift in Life

Your Intuition is Your Gift in Life

The special thing about learning to connect with your inner wisdom, or intuition as some call it, is that once you know what that connection feels like, you begin to recognize when you’re being guided. 

We all yearn for guidance from time to time. We may call up on friends, family or colleagues to invite them to share their advice on a subject, and that advice may be helpful, but the final decision lies in your hands. 

What if you had more confidence in what your gut tells you? What if that feeling in your gut was something more than just a stirring that you feel, and therefore, you work with in order to understand how you’re being guided.

It could mean that the conversations you have with other people over a particular matter may be directed in an entirely different way., because you’ll be taking guidance from a supreme higher knowing – your intuition.

You may still want counsel to run an idea past friends or loved ones. That’s perfectly natural and a very good way of doing things. But leading with your intuition will steer the conversation in a more informed way, resulting in your decisions being guided by your intuition. You still have the opportunity to consider the positives and negatives, the potential pitfalls or the possible wins but your conversation will take on a whole different direction of understanding, acknowledgement, internal guidance and inner wisdom.


The awareness of signs and symbols give meaning to us when we’re openly aware and ready to accept direction from the world around us, and indeed the world in which our past loved ones reside. Intuition is a powerful force of nature that sometimes is helped by the gentle messaging left for us to connect with.

The dual force of this intuitive nature and spirit guiding us through our lives can lead to a more ease, peace, joy and positive outcomes. It can lead to you being more confident, self-assured, secure knowing and trusting in the gift you’ve tapped into within your intuition.

This is why taking the time to connect with your inner wisdom is important. With a world that offers you many options, alternatives and possibilities, it’s easy to lose clarity and begin to feel lost. You could experience more harmony in your work, family and friendships just by honouring what’s already within you – wisdom.

Being guided by your own intuition is being able to distance yourself from them noise, the chatter and the endless blocks that stand in your way. 

Learning to connect with your intuition

In my workshop, Wake Up Your Intuition, you’ll learn how intuition feels, you’ll discover how to tap into it, you’ll experience a shift in your awareness, you’ll be drawn to the signs all around you like signposts in the snow. You’ll be clearer, more confident, and experience more self-awareness as well as a strong intuitive skillset to know when you’re being guided.

To sign up for my next workshop, click here to find out when and where.

Your intuitive guide,


You have the gift of wisdom living within you.

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