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Client Testimonials

Elizabeth made me feel completely at ease. She is a lovely person, I sensed that immediately. We discussed lots of things and she knew things about me and my life that I hadn’t disclosed to her. I felt a sense of peace and I would definitely get a reading from her again.
Cleo. August 2023

I would love to share a couple of things with you. I don’t know if you remember my reading with you but basically you said a job opportunity and gave me two thumbs up etc, and that I would get it. Well I was offered the job last Thursday! You also mentioned being ready for a new dog (rescue) since the passing of my beloved 2 dogs within a year. WELL a week ago today this do (abused and abandoned FOUND me at work. He is black and white like you said AND is a mix of both of my deceased dogs breeds. I AM SO BLESSED and I am so grateful for you, and you contacting me today is exactly a WEEK from both of these two life changing events in my life is incredible.
Roberta. August 2023

Elizabeth has helped me through the most difficult times in my life. I refer to her as my “Spiritual Healer”. Elizabeth has been able to connect me with my passed loved ones as well as guide me through life.
Colleen W. August 23

I would like to thank Elizabeth for an amazing psychic and spirit reading. Elizabeth was so accurate in her messages giving me precise information. Elizabeth has brought me peace and joy knowing that my loved ones are near, bringing me healing and validating I am on the right path. Elizabeth is truly gifted and such a blessing with a beautiful soul. I am truly grateful.
Brenda. AB.

I would call myself “kind of sceptic” when it comes to readings, so I was excited to have a reading from someone who truly would have no idea who I was. There were times during my reading that Elizabeth brought up things that I had only ever thought to myself or things that were not known to many other people. My late mother always said that she would come back to me in the form of a heart and to keep an eye out for them. Elizabeth reminded me to look for the hearts, because I hadn’t been noticing the messages for me. After our reading I have been seeing hearts again, in my food, on the ground and in shadows. I felt a sense of relief after my reading, as it was confirmed that I am on the right path. I referred Elizabeth to a friend right away so she could have her own reading.