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Elizabeth Candlish

A trusted, highly experienced medium and psychic intuitive.

Recognising her gift, Elizabeth sought out professional training from experienced and well-known mediums across the UK and Canada. Finding a world-renowned trusted and reliable establishment that focuses on strengthening mediumistic power to connect and communicate, she was welcomed to build on this gift at the prestigious Arthur Finley College in the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth has attended many spiritualist church gatherings and demonstrations across the UK and Canada. She’s a regular at open circles and continuously practices within the world of mediumship and intuitive guidance.

Moving to Canada 26 years ago, she has made it her work to help others to heal, gain closure and to move forward.

Elizabeth brought up things that I had only ever thought to myself.


I AM SO BLESSED and I am so grateful for you.

Roberta, August 2023

I refer to Elizabeth as my “Spiritual Healer”.

Colleen W. August 23

Elizabeth has brought me peace and joy through her accuracy.

Roberta AB
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