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Elizabeth Candlish

10348 Arbay Close, Sidney, Vancouver Island V8L 4S2

Elizabeth Candlish

You're Exactly Where You're Supposed To Be

Elizabeth is known for her ability in giving messages to us from loved ones who have crossed over. Her gentle and compassionate nature, along with a great sense of humour & zest for communicating with spirit makes her a perfect fit for so many seeking evidence, validation and guidance in a safe and comforting environment.

”Elizabeth made me feel completely at ease. She is a lovely person, I sensed that immediately. We discussed lots of things and she knew things about me and my life that I hadn’t disclosed to her. I felt a sense of peace and I would definitely get a reading from her again.”  Cleo. August 2023

As a spiritual & intuitive medium, Elizabeth connects those in the spirit world with loved ones that remain in the physical world. Elizabeth is the bridge that connects you. Even though you can no longer see a loved one, it is the love that you shared that binds you forever. Their spirits live on and you are still important to them.

Intuitive guidance is a gift that comes naturally to Elizabeth. Some may say that mediumship and intuitive guidance go hand in hand. With Elizabeth, this is absolutely true.

A brilliant medium and intuitive guide, Elizabeth is here to connect you with loved ones, or help you to navigate your next best choice.

Join Elizabeth for ...

Wake Up Your Intuition

6 week workshop - starting May 14th to June 18th 2024

We meet every Tuesday evening on zoom 6.30pm to 8pm

Discover your inner guide and reserve your place for $185

Learn how to connect with your intuition

Identify spirit when it's guiding you

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Time to connect


Based in Sidney on Vancouver Island, BC, readings can be practiced in person, on zoom or over the phone.


Available upon request


10am - 5pm


10am - 5pm


10am - 5pm


Available upon request


Available upon request

Get clarity on all those things you doubt

Book a one to one reading with elizabeth. You can choose from a spiritual medium reading, an intuitive guidance reading, or a blend of the two.

My Journey

About Elizabeth

'Since a young girl I knew I was different. I sensed things more strongly than others and I saw spirit before I was old enough to know what that was.

As an adult, the spirit world never seemed that far away, and as my life unfolded so too did my gift in connecting with the world beyond the one that we live in right now.

It brings me great comfort to now that I can help create a bridge between you and your loved one, knowing that the messages that are revealed become a great comfort to those receiving them.'

You're in safe hands

with a trusted and reliable one to one reading